Ride With Pride Programs

Ride With Pride’s programs are designed to meet the needs of each student. Our horsemanship programs teach our students basic horse care include grooming, proper use of tack, and saddling, as well as basic riding skills.

For the physically handicapped, riding on the back of a horse provides the gentle motions, rotations, balance and gait patterns they could not perform themselves.  This gives the rider a renewed sense of body control and helps build the strength and flexibility to develop in ways that may not have been possible utilizing conventional physical therapies.

Ride with Pride programs also provides therapy for people with learning disabilities and emotional challenges.  The relationship that naturally develops between the rider and the horse, and the requirement for providing care for the animal,  fosters responsibility, independence self esteem and trust –put it all together and you have what we at Ride with Pride call “The Magic”.

Trust Therapy

Part of a series of groups offered by People Places for youth who have experienced significant trauma and who are learning to trust again, and the horse enables the youth to establish a trusting relationship.

Therapeutic Riding Program

  • teaches communication skills with horses as well as with peers
  • improves horsemanship skills to the best of the rider’s ability
  •  includes participation in clinics & horse shows
  • individualized goal setting

Social Skills

  • develops skills that are necessary to  successfully interact with others & build positive  relationships
  • promotes skill development, body awareness,  & confidence building
  • emphasizes listening, following directions,  risk taking, asking for help, problem solving, &
    working as part of a team


  •  yoga for “Horse-Rider Harmony”
  •  explores the horse & rider connection
  • provides balance improvement

Anger Awareness With Horses

  • helps develop healthy skills in which to  express emotions
  • emphasizes listening, relaxation, empathy, & problem solving
  • teaches assertiveness as an alternative to passive or aggressive behavior

Cowboy Poetry

Character Building Program that addresses the needs of at-risk youth in our community

Veteran's Program

  •  helps military personnel through a combination of equine activities, recreation, and socialization
  •  offers opportunities to connect with a horse and build new trust-centered skills

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