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We are so proud of the work we are doing to change the lives of those in our community with special needs. The benefits of therapeutic riding are well-documented. People with special needs improve motor coordination, muscle strength, verbal abilities,…and gain something more…something impossible to replicate in other therapeutic settings, a sense of self-worth and confidence that comes when a large animal responds to them with gentleness and understanding.

We couldn’t have such success stories without these wonderful horses that make the magic happen. While our horses’ roles are key and provide outstanding rewards, it happens at a high price. It is a considerable financial challenge to care for these animals that RWP works tirelessly to meet.

 RWP’s annual operating budget is almost $100,000. Among the many costs of the operation is a $115 a month boarding fee for each horse, another $30 a month to feed each horse, and another $100 a month to keep each stall clean and sweet smelling. I haven’t even mentioned what it costs for the doctor/vet bills or shoes.

While the staff and volunteers donate hundreds of hours to the program, it still cots a family $220 for a 6 week program. The payment of this fee reflects the family’s commitment, their interest in having a real sense of ownership and investment in the program. However this fee barely covers 1/3 of these operating costs. For the majority of these costs, RWP depends on people like you, whose tax deductible charitable contributions and in-kind donations of supplies and services make the program possible.

Please consider being our partner in this life changing program.

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