Meet Our Horses

Horses are the heart of our program

Our horses are selected by our professionally trained staff for their gentle nature, good temperament, and ability to work with a variety of riders and volunteers. We lease 9-10 therapy horses from the months of March-November and they return home for their much needed break during the winter months. If you’re interested in donating to help our wonderful team of horses, please visit our Donate Page or click on the Donate Button at the top right of any page.

Picture of Maggie


Age: 18
Gender: Mare
Breed: Clydesdale/Welsh Cross
Owner: Jinx Fox

Maggie was originally bred as a cart pulling horse but as she grew she found her way to her owner Jinx who rode her on the trails. After attending several desensitizing clinics with Maggie, Jinx found that Maggie was very confident and brave. She was willing and ready for anything life brought her. Maggie now enjoys bringing that confidence to her riders and showing them that they too can beat anything life brings them!

Picture of Eddy


Age: 24
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Arabian
Owner: Sally Mann

Little Eddy ran 41 races in his youth before moving off the track and onto the road. Eddy then began his career as an endurance horse. After many miles covered it was time for Eddy to retire (or so they thought). Eddy wasn’t ready to retire. During his retired years he became difficult to catch but once joining RWP and having the saddle back on this little guy he’s always the first one at the gate. But don’t ignore him! He will welcome the barnworkers each morning with nickers so they will pick him first.

Picture of Montana


Age: 18
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Owner: Tina and Alan Grove

Montana was purchased as a green 3-year-old. He was trained by Susan Hartman for Competitive Trail rides. Montana’s unique breed as a TWH (Tennessee Walking Horse) makes him a smooth ride. TWH are a type of gaited horse known for their unique four-beat running-walk and flashy movement. This breed of horses was originally used as an all-purpose horse on plantations and farms. Montana is now excited to provide this comfortable movement for his riders here at Ride With Pride and his flashy blue roan color always gains attention!

Picture of Scotty


Age: 25
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Grade Quarter Horse
Owner: Meagan Ryan

Scotty’s original owner purchased him from an online auction, listed as a trail horse. After several years he was gifted to his current owner who uses him as a fox hunting horse in the winter. Scotty is excited to share his knowledge with his students and teach them about confidence and rider during the spring, summer, and fall months but he will be sure to be covering some ground in the winter when the hounds start calling!

Picture of Bandolier


Age: 15
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Spanish Mustang, or Choctaw
Owner: Julie Bullock DVM

Bandolier is an experienced foxhunter! His friendly personality and smaller size make him a favorite among our younger students! He is very silly and will play with anything that is nearby, often throwing his halter across the aisle!

Picture of Frej


Age: 20
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Knabstrupper
Owner: Sophia Martina

Frej is completely blind but does not let that stop him! He has been a wonderful addition to our program! Frej is a big horse, but he loves to work with the smallest of riders. He is incredibly inspiring, and has made some really special connections with his riders. Be sure to read his whole story!

Picture of Lady


Age: 16
Gender: Mare
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Owner: Faye Giles

Lady has been a wonderful addition to our program! She has quite the fan club, students and volunteers enjoy working with her! She is a curious but trusting little mare, who is very willing to try new things. She is super friendly and always has her head out of her stall looking for pats and treats!