Ride With Pride Programs

Ride With Pride’s programs are designed to meet the needs of each student. Our horsemanship programs teach our students basic horse care include grooming, proper use of tack, and saddling, as well as basic riding skills.

For those with physical disabilities, riding on the back of a horse provides the gentle motions, rotations, balance and gait patterns they could not perform themselves.  This gives the rider a renewed sense of body control and helps build the strength and flexibility to develop in ways that may not have been possible utilizing conventional physical therapies.

Ride with Pride programs also provides therapeutic activities for people with learning disabilities and emotional challenges.  The relationship that naturally develops between the rider and the horse, and the requirement for providing care for the animal,  fosters responsibility, independence self esteem and trust –put it all together and you have what we at Ride with Pride call “The Magic”.

Veterans Program

Mary Baldwin Cadets

Helps military personnel through a combination of equine activities, recreation, and socialization by following the PATH international Equine Services for Horses Program. Offers opportunities to connect with a horse and build new trust-centered skills. It is tailored to address specific issues faced by wounded and traumatized military personnel. This program provides a supportive and therapeutic environment for the Veteran and their family/loved ones.

Therapeutic Riding

RWP-round-pic (2)

Our staff of professionally trained instructors help our clients learn basic horsemanship skills and riding techniques through the use of equine assisted therapeutic activities. Based on the students’ needs the instructors will create specialized lesson plans that will help improve muscle tone, joint mobility, balance, coordination, posture, confidence, and self-esteem.

Reading With Horses Book Club

Ride With Pride is excited to introduce its newest group program, Reading With Horses. This program is a book club for children 6-12 and 13-17 who may struggle in school, have an LD or other learning diagnosis, who may want to gain more time around horses and peers while having fun talking about their book, and more! Meetings will be 1 hour long with group discussions, time reading with or to the horses in their own space, and fun activities with the horses. We are partnering with our local libraries to provide books to choose from. Our meeting will be once a week for 4 weeks. The monthly fee to join the book club is $100 ($25 a session). Our start date is to be determined. Please contact us for more information or to get signed up today!

Healthy Horse Program

Eli and Dixie

This program focuses on building parent and child relationships and increasing one’s understanding of nutrition through fun games and groundwork activities using the horses care to relate to themselves. This 6 lesson group creates a better understanding of health for horses and yourself, builds confidence with both parent and child, and creates activities that gets everyone moving! This program is specially developed for kids from ages 8-14 and at least one parent or older sibling to work together. Contact us for further questions and prices about the program!

Interactive Vaulting


Interactive Vaulting is an equine-assisted activity in which students perform compulsory and freestyle movements on and around the horse. According to the individual needs of the vaulter, movements may be very simple, such as sitting without holding the surcingle, or more complex as in kneeling or standing on the horse’s back. These gymnastic like movements can promote self expression and body awareness in a fun and encouraging environment. Interactive vaulting can help boost self confidence, teach students to support each other, help improve balance, flexibility, and strength, and teach respect and care for horses and each other. Participants must be 7 years old or older to take these lessons.

People Places, Inc. Partnered Group Lessons

We offer a series of groups by People Places for youth who have experienced significant trauma and who are learning to trust again. The horse enables the youth to establish a trusting relationship. These groups are open to community based foster children. A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and our PATH Certified Instructor team up to create a harmonious and effective balance between classroom activities and horse activates. See the wonderful topics we have to offer below.

Trust Therapy

trust therapy

Part of a series of groups offered by People Places for youth who have experienced significant trauma and who are learning to trust again, and the horse enables the youth to establish a trusting relationship.

Social Skills


Develops skills that are necessary to successfully interact with others and build positive relationships. It helps promote skill development, body awareness, and confidence building and emphasizes listening, following directions, risk taking, asking for help, problem solving, and working as part of a team.

Anger Awareness with Horses


This group lesson helps develop healthy skills in which to  express emotions, emphasizes listening, relaxation, empathy, & problem solving. The goal for each student is to learn assertiveness as an alternative to passive or aggressive behavior.


yoga horse

This unique program combines basic Yoga techniques and explores the horse and rider connection with therapeutic riding. Students will learn to feel comfortable in their body awareness, improve their balance strength and flexibility, and of course have fun!

Cowboy Poetry


The purpose of this program is to teach character building skills based on the Cowboy Principles from the Old West. This character building program addresses the needs of at-risk youth in our community and is based on the good principles and characteristics that make a good and worthwhile person.

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